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The GUARANTEED 600kcal burning 4-minute workout... MASUBUKAN NGA!

Back in 2014, may kagila-gilalas na workout program na naimbento daw na kayang maka-burn ng 600 calories in 4 minutes!

During that time clients ko ang isang high-profile professional basketball coach at ang kanyang asawa at tinanong sakin kung totoo daw ba talaga ito. Sabi nila sinubukan daw nila yung workout at super hirap, pero hindi daw sila naniniwala na kayang mag-burn ng 600 calories in 4 minutes sa workout na ito…I gave them some of my professional insights but honestly, I did not take this subject matter seriously. Akala ko lilipas lang ito…

Fast forward to 2020, OMG! Nabuhay sya! LOL! At pinagawa pa ngayon sa mga ka-pulisan. Take note, si Coach na “inventor” nung 600kcal 4 minute workout nung 2014 ay sya ring gumawa ng 4 min Fitness Habit para sa ating mga police officers. Though wala naman sinabi sa recent video na pag ginawa ninuman ang 4-minute Fitness Habit na ito ay mag-buburn ng 600kcal pero hindi maiiwasan na balikan ang contorversial claim na ito. Halos lahat na yata ng trustworthy S&C Coaches na kilala ko ay dismayado, at ang iba ay galit talaga sa misleading claim na ito.

Nung una naisip ko hayaan nalang ULIT… but then I realized that I need to address this issue for the benefit of my fellow Nutritionists-Dietitians (NDs) who seemed to be in “awe” of these celebrity fitness coaches. But to give naman these coaches the benefit of the doubt, eh minabuti kong subukan ang “guaranteed” 600kcal burning 4-minute workout na naimbento nila… panoorin ang video nang malaman kung ilang calories ang na-burn ko in 4min

FYI: yun ginawa kong routine sa video na ito ay yun original 4-min workout nila na napanood ko sa isang news program . I-google nyo nalang


This can lead to incorrect calorie prescriptions and possible client frustrations Fact: not all RNDs were taught or trained to use the compendium of exercise moreso compute the calories burned from exercise using METs. So paano nalang kung naniwala tayo agad sa sinabi ni Coach na 600kcal ang naburn ni client from doing the prescribed 4min workout? Sabay ginawan natin ng nutrition plan taking into consideration the wrong info of 600kcal burned…Di mali narin ang nutrition program natin. Mag-tataka ngayon si client sabay tanong “bakit ganun, di naman effective yung diet plan mo, di ako pumapayat!” Patay! Kasalanan pa natin ngayon!

Can sabotage healthy eating habit formation The unrealistic claim of 600 kcal burned in 4minutes is appealing to those who want fast/quick results! Lalo na sa mga taong mahilig kumain . This will seem like an “opportunity” for them to eat more because they can “burn” the extra 600kcal of food in just 4min anyway. Which can make our jobs as NDs more challenging. Because instead of teaching discipline through mindfulness and self-control ay parang nabigyan pa ng excuse na wag na magkaroon ng disiplina sa pagkain dahil mabilis lang naman ma-burn ang 600kcal sa workout! 'Nubayan...

Fosters mistrust that can destroy team camaraderie and professional credibility As a high performance dietitian working with different sports science core teams of some of the top Filipino athletes, I have come to witness that the foundation of success among professionals of various disciplines working together is TRUTHFUL AND EVIDENCED-BASED INFORMATION SHARED WITH EACH OTHER. It is the job of every member of the sports science team as credible practitioners to take due diligence in all outputs— whether in the words that we say or the programs that we create— knowing full well how the quality of our outputs can affect not just the recipient of the program but also the colleagues we’re working with.

Making a mistake is inevitable, it happens naman to everyone as nobody is perfect and considering the fact that no one knows everything. But to stand by and not retract incorrect and wrongful information speaks of one thing: A COMPROMISED INTEGRITY OUT OF THE DESIRE TO ADVANCE ONE’S INTEREST AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS.

To my colleagues in the nutrition and dietetics field— we have a professional responsibility to make sure that our recommendations are evidence-based. If it comes to a point wherein data or information are needed from practitioners in other fields of expertise in order to make a more comprehensive nutrition recos, make sure to take due diligence in checking and verifying facts

To my colleagues in the fitness and sports industry: I am one with you I support your endeavors in preventing the dissemination of false information.

And to the madlang people!!! LAGING TANDAAN... If it is too good to be true, it probably is...

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