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Health and weight management has always been the great bane of people.

With so many fad diets available claiming to do wonders for our body, its a mystery why so many of us are still struggling with our weight and health objectives. My Lifestyle Based Nutrition System espouses a weight management program that is lifestyle based, non-restrictve, highly personalized, and client-centered.


Nutrition for athletes is an exact science. The design of the nutrition program must be sport specific that must revolve around the lifestyle and schedule of the athlete.

Whether it’s a sport that calls for power, speed, strength, endurance, or weight management, knowing the specific requirement of the athlete will play a major role in the effectiveness of the program. A well designed nutrition program should provide adequate amounts of energy and nutrients to sustain long hours put into practice, achieve desired training adaptations, and maximize recovery. During competition, it should also help athletes achieve peak performance.

Miguel Tabuena
Eumir Marcial
Pauline Lopez
Mark Magsayo
Hidilyn Diaz
Arven Alcantara
Irish Magno
Carlo Paalam

Sadly in the Philippines, nutrition is among the most overlooked components of a training program.

Probably because we Filipinos generally don’t have a strong nutrition foundation to begin with, or there aren’t enough nutritionists who are qualified and knowledgeable enough in the area of sports nutrition. Often times, athletes just source their nutrition information from the internet or from coaches and other athletes who seem to think that their nutrition practice have helped them achieve their athletic goals. The problem with these sources of nutrition information is that these are just general nutrition guidelines and are often targeted at western athletes whose food staples are completely different from ours.

Planning on what to eat is one of the greatest headaches faced by people and more so for athletes.

My system takes away the tedious responsibility of meal planning from the athlete’s mind. By doing this, they can now focus solely on getting stronger and eventually securing that victory in competitions. Athletes also miss out on achieving optimum athletic performance by neglecting what they eat right before, during, and right after training. My peri-workout fueling strategies will take an athlete’s performance to the next level by providing the right ratios of carbohydrates, protein, and fat needed to saturate the body with energy to promote supreme exercise performance, optimize muscular hypertrophy, prevent injuries, and to maximize recovery for the next training session.

I have put to the test my nutrition program spanning over a decade of handling athletes in different sports and in different socio-economic conditions.

I have tweaked and adjusted the design, implementation, and monitoring protocol and the result is a highly effective sport-specific nutrition management program. My ATHLETIC FUELING SYSTEM is highly personalized and greatly considers the specific needs of the athlete.

As a personal nutrition coach, I supervise, monitor, and guide the athlete during this time to ensure maximum compliance to the nutrition program prescribed.

I am accessible anytime of the day during instances where athletes have questions and concerns about their program. Nutrition education is also crucial in my program. Thru my coaching support, athletes are educated and eventually empowered to make food decisions on their own and witness the effects for themselves.



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