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Sports Dietitian receives prestigious NDAPF award for her contribution in PH sports

In the realm of sports, where victory is often decided by the finest margins, the role of nutrition cannot be overstated. Behind the scenes of every triumphant athlete stands a dedicated sports nutritionist, crafting tailored diets to optimize performance and fuel success.

Sport nutritionist coach Jeaneth receives award
Olympic and elite performance nutrition coach Jeaneth Aro at the NDAP Annual Convention

Olympic and elite performance nutrition coach Jeaneth Aro’s unwavering dedication to her craft has not only benefited the athletes she is handling but has also elevated the entire profession of nutrition and dietetics within the realm of sports.

Jeaneth stands at the forefront of a field where science, dedication, and passion intersect. With 2 decades of professional experience, she has a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between diet and athletic performance. Her journey towards excellence has been marked by tireless commitment and an unyielding pursuit of knowledge.

Sports nutritionist giving a lecture on stage
Jeaneth giving the Dr. Clara Darby Lecture titled: “Fueling Victory: Unveiling the Impact of Optimum Nutrition in World-Level Competitive Sports

It is no surprise that Jeaneth has been honored with the prestigious Clara Ruth Darby Memorial Lecture Award last February 22, 2024 at the Century Park Hotel during the , annual convention of the Nutritionist-Dietitian’s Association of the Philippines. 

Awarded by the NDAP Foundation, Jeaneth was recognized for her noteworthy contributions in the uplifting of nutrition and dietetics profession through the successful implementation of evidence based dietary innovations in enhancing athletic fueling systems, thereby, contributed to the improved performance of Filipino athletes. She was also recognized for her contribution in improving the public’s appreciation of the importance of nutrition in national and international competitions. 

Sports nutritionist Jeaneth Aro receives award and poses with officers on stage
Jeaneth with the officers of NDAP and NDAP Foundation.

“Thank you God for allowing me to glorify your name with a win in this infinite game of life. Thank you to my husband and our kids who sacrificed more than I do so I can fulfill this calling for our nation. Thank you to all the talented ahletes and elite coaches who I worked and currently working with— you guys make me look LEGIT” Jeaneth said in her Facebook post.  

“To the NDAP Foundation President Dr. Celeste Tanchoco, a legend whom I truly admire, Ma’am maraming salamat po for always believing in what I do and always keeping me in mind. And to all my fellow ND’s — this award is for all of us. A reminder that there is no need to seek the spotlight, for it comes effortlessly to those who deeply know  the light and relentlessly pursuing excellence in sharing that light.” She added 

Throughout her career, Jeaneth has worked with hundreds of athletes across 24 different sports, from boxers to weightlifters, from Olympians to weekend warriors. Her approach goes beyond simply prescribing meal plans; it encompasses education, empowerment, and building relationships. By imparting knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of nutrition, she equips athletes with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Plaque of recognition on table
"It’s been nearly 20 years of professional practice and this award is yet a reminder to a higher responsibility for character and professional development and service provision. Mabuhay tayong mga Filipino Registered Nutritionists-Dietitians!" - Jeaneth Aro

In addition to her work with athletes, Jeaneth also advocates for evidence-based practices and uses her various social media accounts as a platform to share her knowledge. This has helped dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding sports nutrition, paving the way for a more informed and scientifically-driven approach.

As Jeaneth continues to push the boundaries of sports nutrition, we eagerly anticipate the innovations and advancements that lie ahead. Her journey serves as a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible.

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