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Finally! I'm now a graduate of the IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma course!

After 2 grueling years I can NOW officially share this to all of you!!!

Yes, in the last 2 years I have been juggling everything— being a wife and a mom, taking care of our elite athletes and my other clients, and pursuing my own personal and professional development.

The road was not easy, but instead of talking about my “sacrifices”, I’d rather take my hat off to my family. I decided to do this not for myself but to be a better servant to our country and my family who willingly took the journey with me... Thank you for giving me your unrelenting love, support and understanding— especially when I am at my worst (dahil kayo lang talaga ang nakakakita nito, labyu )

Special thanks to the POC - Philippine Olympic Committee - Olympic.PH and to all the people who made this possible.

I’m excited to carry our flag in the in-person graduation rites in Lausane next year

My heart is indeed full of gratitude

To those interested, please watch my YouTube video for my feedbacks about the IOC Diploma of Sports Nutrition program

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