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Elite Nutrition Coach launches Online Sports Nutrition Training Course

This is an exclusive virtual training program on the foundational concepts of sports nutrition delivered by Olympic and Elite Performance Nutrition Coach, Jeaneth Aro.

Coach Jeaneth will be teaching evidence based nutrition principles that she has actually put into practice that helped her athletes achieve podium finishes.

This short course aims to develop understanding on how basic nutrition principles are appropriately applied to physical activity or exercise to promote training adaptations and maximize sports performance.

Course Delivery

Training will be delivered online every Saturdays for 5 weeks starting November 13 until December 11, 2021 from 9:00am to 12:00nn.

Course content

The course is comprised of 9 modules covering overview of energy systems, macronutrient and hydration recommendations and protocols for physically active individuals. The training will conclude with a discussion on how to plan a peri-exercise nutrition regimen.

Lecture 1: Fuel Sources for the Physically Active Individual

Lecture 2: Overview of Energy Systems

Lecture 3: Carbohydrates and Physical Activity

Lecture 4: Carbohydrate Needs of the Physically Active Individual

Lecture 5: Dietary Fat and Physical Activity

Lecture 6: Protein and Physical Activity

Lecture 7: Protein Needs of the Physically Active Individual

Lecture 8: Hydration for Physically Active Individuals

Lecture 9: Planning for Peri-exercise Nutrition

Training Program Fee: Php 9,800 (REGISTER NOW)

Target participants:

  • Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians

  • Coaches and Athletic Trainers

  • Athletes

  • Parents of athletes

  • Fitness enthusiasts

Important Note:

Coach Jeaneth is the training leader of the elite sports nutrition training series. She is the sports nutrition coach of some of the top-Filipino athletes including the 4 Tokyo Olympic medalists Hidilyn Diaz, Nesthy Petecio, Carlo Paalam and Eumir Marcial.

Coach Jeaneth is not a scientist/researcher nor a university professor but a sports nutrition program implementor with nearly 2 decades of experience in conceptualizing programs and troubleshooting real life challenges in sports nutrition program management and beyond.

About the Training Leader:

She is a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian and a graduate of the Sports Nutrition Diploma Program of the International Olympic Committee. She also holds a certificate in Mental Health in Elite Sports from the International Olympic Committee. Click here to know more about her.

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