Really?! Potatoes can help you gain muscles?!

Ano nga ba talaga ang paraan para magka-muscle?

Lagi ko kasi naririnig, lalo na sa mga kapwa ko kababaihan ang mga ganitong comments:

  • “gusto kong magka-muscle yung braso ko… pero konti lang ha… yung mukhang toned lang”

  • “I just want to look more athletic, but not naman look like a body builder”

  • “gusto ko lang talaga mabawasan konti yung weight ko, I want my clothes to fit better… mga less than 10 lbs, masaya na ako… kahit hindi na yung weight ko nung dalaga ako”

And if we look deeper, the main concern really is that of body composition… many women today want more muscle mass and a little lower body fat

A recent study published in Nutrients April this year, investigated on the effects of consuming potato proteins on muscle gain among young women. The interesting finding is that women who did resistance training and consumed potato protein (as isolate) gained more muscle compared to those who did not consumed potato protein but also did the same exercise program. For the group who gained more lean muscle, these are the things that they did:

  • performed weight training 3x/week

  • training effort was at 30% of maximal capacity (ang ibig sabihin nito, kung 100lbs ang maximum na nabubuhat mo sa squats, ang 30% nito ay 30lbs)

  • number of repetitions per exercise was until volitional fatigue which was around 20-25 reps (ang ibig sabihin ng volitional fatigue ay ang last repetition na kaya mong gawin ang exercise na tama ang form at walang daya)

  • rest between sets was 2 minutes

  • consumed protein at 1.6g/kg of body weight (you may want to have your dietitian compute this for you and translate this to food portions)

Sa totoo lang, surprising at exciting ang results ng pag-aaral na ito dahil napatunayan na:

  • Hindi lang animal food sources of protein ang nakakapag-promote ng muscle gain

  • Kayang mag-provide ng quality protein ng plant-based diets, lalo na ng essential amino acids

  • Hindi porke’t high in carbs and starch ang potatoes ay nakakataba na ito

Although the potato food provision in this study was from potato protein isolate, cooked whole potatoes can still become part of a balanced diet of an active individual across all ages.

Not only it will provide some protein, potatoes can also provide carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that can support an active lifestyle. Some of which are as follows:

  • Iron - helps in maximizing oxygen delivery in the body and to the working muscles

  • Vitamin B6 - helps in energy production

  • Vitamin C - antioxidant, aids in collagen production, and supports iron absorption

  • Potassium - an electrolyte needed for muscle function

At maliban sa ginawa ng mga researchers sa pag-aaral na nabanggit, narito ang aking additional recommendations para mas lalong ma-promote ang muscle gain:

  • equally divide your protein portions to 4-5 feedings in a day

  • make sure to consume sufficient calories daily

  • do not neglect quality carbohydrate food sources

  • at LAGING TANDAAN… ang WEIGHT TRAINING ang number one factor na makakapag-promote ng muscle building.

Reference: Nutrients 2020, 12, 1235; doi:10.3390/nu12051235

Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by Potatoes USA-Philippines, but all opinions stated above are my own.

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