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Ketogenic diet will burn fat BUT will never maximize athletic performance

Common sense tells us that whatever food or substances we put in our bodies we will definitely use them. Whether good or bad stuff, getting metabolized is their only fate.

So the claim that a “high fat low carb diet will promote fat burning” is an obvious redundant iteration. But this statement does not provide us with the sad truth that happens in our bodies beyond macronutrient metabolism.

Isn’t it obvious that when we eat more carbs our bodies will use what is needed and store what is in excess. The same is true with excessive protein intake.

The sad truth with this “keto-hype” is that we focused so much on it’s magic pill effect in weight loss due to appetite suppression (bec of its satiating effect) without realizing its sensibility and understanding its applicability. I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!

Why in the world even so-called nutrition experts would recommend it to highly active individuals more so to elite athletes. When a simple review of biochemistry and energy metabolism can immediately present closure and bring clarity in its viability for the active population.

A high fat low carb dietary regimen will not only compromise perfomance of athletes during intense training sessions (which is uhhh... most of the time?) but can also negatively affect training adaptations, making sessions unproductive and increasing athletes’ risks for injuries.

Bottom line: going on a keto diet may help improve your physique* but will never help you become a great athlete.

For my comprehensive take on the ketogenic diet and its effect on athletic performance, please watch this video.

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