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Program Overview

Nutrition for athletes is an exact science. The design of the nutrition program must be sport specific that must revolve around the lifestyle and schedule of the athlete. Whether it’s a sport that calls for power, speed, strength, endurance, or weight management, knowing the specific requirement of the athlete will play a major role in the effectiveness of the program. My system has been put to the test in over 15 years of handling athletes in different sports and in different socio-economic conditions. I have tweaked and adjusted the way I design, implement, and monitor my program and the result is a highly effective sport-specific nutrition management program.


Program Overview

Health and weight management has always been the great bane of people. With so many fad diets available claiming to do wonders for our body, its a mystery why so many of us are still struggling with our weight and health objectives. With this program, I espouse a weight management system that is lifestyle based, non-restricitve, highly personalized, and client-centered. Unlike other weight management programs, our Lifestyle Based Nutrition System is designed according to your schedule and eating patterns. This way, my clients are assured of maximum program compliance at any time of the day whether they are at work, school, meetings, social gatherings, or even at vacations.


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