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Health and weight management has always been the great bane of people.

With so many fad diets available claiming to do wonders for our body, its a mystery why so many of us are still struggling with our weight and health objectives. My Lifestyle Based Nutrition System espouses a weight management program that is lifestyle based, non-restrictve, highly personalized, and client-centered.


Unlike other weight management programs, my system is designed according to your schedule and eating patterns

This way, my clients are assured of maximum program compliance at any time of the day whether they are at work, school, meetings, social gatherings, or even at vacations.

With my Lifestyle Based Nutrition System, I take away the headache of meal planning from our clients.

My program provides a personalized diet prescription and a comprehensive meal plan with easy to follow recipes taken from my vast modified food recipe database. I even go to lengths as to teach our clients or their helpers read and understand food labels while doing their shopping.

My program is centered on “coaching” clients achieve their health objectives. 

My interface with my clients does not end once I have given them their diet prescription and meal plans. Thru mobile support, I take advantage of current technologies on social media, communications, and other messaging mediums, enabling me to be always within reach of my clients should they have any concerns and questions about their program anywhere in the world. This immediate feedback system plays an important part in the success of the program. Thru this coaching support, clients are educated as well and will eventually be empowered to make food decisions on their own. Over the course of the program, clients will not only achieve their health objectives but will be empowered to practice proper eating habits.



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